Oct 04, 2023 Commitment to Learning and Working in Canada 

Congratulations on embarking on a language course, academic program, or a new job! We hope you're eager to acquire new knowledge and skills. Let's talk about the level of commitment that is generally expected in Canadian culture.

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Sep 06, 2023 Business Meetings in Canada Do’s and Don’ts 

So, you got the job Congratulations, it took a lot, but you earned it! You are now settling into your new role within the first couple of weeks, learning your co-workers' names and personalities you are riding this new job roller coaster of emotions with all the dips and twists, but you got this! Then you get an email from your boss to attend a team meeting.

Should you be worried? In your country of origin, your boss would only hold a meeting if it was bad news, or people were possibly being fired. Is it the same in workplaces in Canada? 

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