Commitment to Learning and Working in Canada 

Oct 04, 2023

Congratulations on embarking on a language course, academic program, or a new job! We hope you're eager to acquire new knowledge and skills. Let's talk about the level of commitment that is generally expected in Canadian culture.

Showing Up 

You might have heard the saying, "90% of success is just showing up." In Canada, showing up is highly valued in both work and academic settings, whether it's in person or online. Being present demonstrates your commitment and readiness to contribute. Poor attendance may be perceived as discourteous to your employer, colleagues, language instructor, or classmates. 


Being on time is significant in Canada. Arriving 5 - 10 minutes early for in-person workdays allows you to set up, handle any quick matters and prepare for the day. If you anticipate being late, informing your boss or instructor in advance and apologizing upon arrival is appreciated. Consistent lateness (5 minutes+ after posted start-time), without unforeseen emergencies, may be viewed as impolite or worse, rude and may affect your advancement in the future. 

Work/Life Balance 

Maintaining a healthy work/life balance is expected. While occasional personal errands during breaks are acceptable, frequent disruptions during work or school hours may be considered inappropriate. 

Sick/Personal/Wellness Days 

Once you've completed the probationary period at work, you'll typically have a set number of paid sick, personal, or wellness days. It's advisable to use them only when necessary, as excessive use may affect how you're perceived by others and your manager.  


Consistent attendance in class is crucial. Unavailability or expecting special treatment for not attending class or showing up at work may not be well-received. It can also affect your success in class. Maintaining a balance between work, academics, and personal life is expected. 


Active participation is highly valued in Canada. Whether in a meeting or a classroom, contributing ideas and engaging in discussions is encouraged. Acknowledging emails, even with a simple "like" or a brief response, is considered professional.

Remember, these are just a few aspects of the Canadian work and learning culture. If you're interested in learning more, there's a wealth of information available!

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