Free assistance for newcomers

Settlement Assistance

Are you new to Canada and Halton? Get the help you need to settle in Canada with these free services.

Settlement Information Specialists

The Centre’s Settlement Information Specialists can answer your questions about settling into Halton.

Get information about:  

  • Banking in Canada
  • Getting a driver’s licence
  • Accessing health care
  • Getting work
  • Finding child care
  • PR card application / renewal
  • Citizenship application
  • Special classes during summer (pronunciation, English to succeed, citizenship)

Need assistance?

For Settlement assistance or information, please call  905- 333- 3499 x 415 / 1-888-315-5521 x 415 or email

Commissioner of Oaths

You might need a Commissioner of Oaths to apply for a passport, verify foreign language transcripts, verify translation of documents, sign official documents, and more.

Get free assistance from  Centre for Skills' Commissioner of Oaths with signing declarations regarding:

  • Residency in Ontario
  • Legal name change and birth name correction
  • Invitation letter for parent and family members to visit Canada
  • Parental consent for children travelling abroad
  • Identify declaration as per request of the requesting body/organization
  • Proof of Life

Book an appointment with Commissioner of Oaths:

If you live near Burlington or Oakville contact: Alice Maroti‚Äč, Commissioner of Oaths / 905-333-3499 x 264  /  1-888-315-5521  x 264

If you live near Milton, Georgetown or Mississauga contact: Alex Harchenko, Commissioner of Oaths / 905-333-3499 x 204  /  1-888-315-5521  x 204

Newcomer Support Coach

Our Newcomer Support Coach Program offers free assistance to newcomers to help manage stress and improve wellbeing. Wellbeing is not just about being physically healthy. Our mind and body are closely connected. Your mood has an impact on your thinking, the way you  interact with people, your decision making and even your sleep. Immigrating and settling in a new country can be stressful too, so it's important to learn coping strategies and get the help you need to access available supports in and around the community.

To arrange a private talk with our Newcomer Support Coach, please book an appointment.