Better Jobs Ontario Program


Have you been laid off? Are you unemployed, underemployed or in need of stable career?

Are you interested in training for a new in-demand career?
Better Jobs Ontario Program is offered by the Government of Ontario to help laid-off workers get back to work.

You may qualify for financial assistance to pay for:
  • skills training for in-demand jobs
  • financial support
You can apply for up to $28,000 for costs, including:
  • tuition
  • books
Other instructional costs, including student fees, supplies and electronic devices
  • transportation
  • basic living allowance (up to $500 per week)
Additional funding may be available for:
  • childcare
  • disability-related supports
  • living away from home
  • Literacy and Basic Skills (LBS) and/or language training

For more information about this program, visit the Better Jobs Ontario website.

To see if you are eligible, learn more or receive free assistance with your Better Jobs Ontario Program application, please conect with one of our Employment Speacialists.  Click on the "Connect" section to find Employment Services centre closest to you.

Funded by:

This Employment Ontario program is funded in part by the Government of Canada and the Government of Ontario.