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Skilled Trades | Assessment Readiness Program (STAR)

What is an apprenticeship test or pre-apprenticeship assessment?

One of the milestones to becoming an apprentice is taking an assessment.  The initial assessment process ensures that the apprentice is in the right program and includes eligibility checks that consist of English and Math attainment.  Literacy and numeracy skills empower individuals to make meaning, think critically and creatively, and reach their full potential.  In other words, literacy and numeracy skills are the foundations of lifelong learning and participation in society.  An apprenticeship test (or pre-apprenticeship assessment) is designed to assess candidates who apply for an apprenticeship within the labour market across Canada. 

​Most trades’ pre-apprenticeship tests contain the following types of questions: 

  • Reading comprehension 
  • Basic math – Includes some basic geometry and algebra 
  • Mechanical aptitude 
  • Spatial ability 
  • Basic science 

Prepare for the pre-apprenticeship assessment

Our STAR Literacy and Basic Skills training is a free program, designed to help aspiring individuals prepare for an apprenticeship assessment. This program will put one on the right track to experience significant improvement in both English and Math leading to a successful career in the trades.  The training focuses on math skills in relation to specific trades.

The STAR Program serves learners who have goals to successfully transition to: 

  • Employment 
  • Post secondary 
  • Apprenticeship 
  • Secondary school 
  • Increased Independence 

This program is for you if: 

  • You want to pursue apprenticeship 
  • Your chosen program requires you to complete a pre-apprenticeship assessment 
  • You need to refresh/upskill your literacy (reading comprehension) 
  • You need to refresh/upskill your numeracy  
  • You need to work on your study habits as you prepare to take the test dependent on your situation: you’re an adult (18 years or older) not in high school or college; you’re in or about to go to college; you have applied for a trades program at the Centre 

Program Breakdown 

This training program provides in-class instruction in the following areas: 

Reading Comprehension:
  • Finding specific information in a passage – the information may be stated directly or implied 
  • Meaning of words from the context 
  • Drawing conclusions from the information in the passage 

Number Sense and Operations:
  • Scientific notation 
  • Estimation
  • Order of operation 
  • Exponents
  • Operations with real numbers and radicals 
  • Absolute value 

Basic Geometry: 

  • Scale drawings 
  • Perimeter, circumference, area and volume  
  • Pythagorean theorem
  • Trigonometry (sohcahtoa)


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If you have any questions, please contact Joanne Kristo at or 905-333-3499 x 110 or 1-888-315-5521  x 110

This Employment Ontario program is funded in part by the Government of Canada and the Government of Ontario.