Get Your Credentials Assessed

May 17, 2023

Don’t miss out on training and job opportunities! Get your credentials assessed.

Imagine you’ve researched and practiced all week for an interview for a job in your field and you felt your interview went very well! However, you discover that the other candidate got the job. Why? Because your educational credentials had not been assessed. The employer thereby, did not know if your educational background matched the requirements of the company.  I’ve heard of this happening over the years from so many newcomers and it’s very unfortunate. My goal is to see all clients succeed and not miss out on any opportunities, so get your credentials assessed! 

If you want to be competitive in the Canadian job market, I cannot express enough the importance of having your educational qualifications from another country assessed to determine if they are equivalent to Canadian standards. 

Top reasons on why you should have your credential assessment completed: 

  • To determine whether your credentials are comparable to the employment Canadian worker standards 
  • To show employers that your qualifications meet Canadian standards 
  • To evaluate if you require more training, education or Canadian work experience 
  • To fully recognise and comprehend the types of jobs you might be eligible for  

Although many organizations provide credential evaluation services, it's important to know that an evaluation prepared for an employer might not be the same as an evaluation prepared for a school, training program, college or university. Many organizations also charge a fee to complete your assessment. 

Here is a list of places to have your credentials assessed:

Here is a non-comprehensive list of Designated Professional Associations: 

We are more than happy to assist you with your settlement needs, as well as guide you towards employment and academic pathways at Centre for Skills.