Six Tips for Job Searching During a PandemicOpenHouse

Jan 31, 2021

COVID-19 has had a significant impact on the workforce. Many companies have needed to lay people off, transition to working remotely, or reassess the way they do business altogether. This change can also include the way they approach hiring. 
Because of this, many job seekers have questioned if they should be looking for a job right now at all. 

So should job seekers keep job searching? Absolutely. 
You should always be looking for your next opportunity. Even in a normal market, the job search process can take months before finding a suitable position. During these unpredictable times, it is unclear how long the process can take and therefore, we should always be ready with an updated resume and cover letter. 
While the process of looking for a job may be changing, we must remember there are always opportunities! Check out these actionable strategies you can use to boost your job search and set you apart from your competitors. 
1)    Be adaptable with the times

This pandemic has changed the way many companies do business, which should in turn change the ways you look for a job. Accepting that methods you have once used in the past may no longer be relevant today, will sooner get you to using strategies that are successful in today's current market.
2)    Be patient

As companies continue to adapt in their work and overcome the obstacles they face in changing their own processes, their hiring process may take longer than it once did. So even if you have had initial contact with an employer and haven't heard back in a while, it does not necessarily mean they are not interested in your candidacy. 
3)    Reach out to your online network

Not everyone enjoys networking, but it can be very important to your career success! While networking events no longer look as usually planned, there are more opportunities to connect with others through video-conferencing events and other online opportunities. Take advantage of these online social events to network in a friendly and safe environment. 

With little effort, you can meet a large number of interesting people! This also makes the transition of adding contacts to your professional online networks through LinkedIn or exchanging e-mails easier, since the connections will already exist in an online setting. 
4)    Be ready for video interviews

Many employers are turning to video calls for their job interviews. For job candidates, the convenience of interviewing from home can be a major bonus! It can save you both travel time and money. 

If you prepare for a video interview in advance, it can also be less stressful than interviewing in person. Getting familiar with the software that will be used in the interview and preparing your audio, lighting and background visual in advance are some of the ways that can help prepare you for this kind of interview. For further in-depth tips on how to prepare for a video conferencing interview, read our blog:
5)    Update Your Skills

The skills and traits companies look for a candidate to have always depends on the role they are seeking to fill, but one thing COVID-19 has highlighted is the need for people to be flexible. With the pandemic still effecting how businesses operate day by day, having the ability to adapt to change as it comes can be seen as a desirable trait during these times. 
6)    Follow Up

As mentioned previously, just because you have not heard back from a company after applying does not necessarily mean they are no longer interested. Companies are still adjusting to this new normal, so it's important to take matters in your own hands by following up and re-communicating your interest in the role. Doing this can help keep you top of mind for the company when they are ready to move forward with hiring. 
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