Career Networking This Holiday

Dec 17, 2020
The degree to which the COVID-19 pandemic will result in permanent layoffs has yet to be determined. However, there are critical tools job seekers can use to to recover their career. 

Networking is the process of building genuine relationships and developing contacts. You never know where or when you might meet someone who can aid you in your job search.  

Mixed with the holidays, many believe now is not the time for networking and to put away their resumes until the new year, but that is not the case. The holidays can actually make for a great time to network and expand on your contacts.

Although many of the options we regularly would use when it comes to networking (holiday events, in-person meetings, etc) have essentially vanished due to the pandemic, there are still a variety of approaches that can be used to remind business professionals of who you are and what your expertise is, in an authentic way.  

Check out these tips on how you can mix in career networking into this season's festivities.

1) Take Advantage of Holiday Events - Online! 

Not everyone enjoys networking, but it can be very important to your career success! While festivities will no longer look as usually planned, there will be even more opportunities to connect with others online through video-conferencing events and other online opportunities. Take advantage of these online social events during the holidays to network in a friendly and safe environment. 

With little effort, you can meet a large number of interesting people! This also makes the transition of adding contacts to your professional online networks through LinkedIn or exchanging e-mails easier, since the connections will already exist in an online setting. 

When meeting new people in these video conferencing events, show an interest in their work. This can lead to interesting conversations and potentially start the beginning of a connection that could help you down the road. 

2) Make Networking a Priority

Many managers have a bit of breathing room around the holidays if their job doesn't require significant year-end activity. With less meetings and fewer e-mails coming their way, they may be more inclined to an invite for a video chat or to engage in a conversation with you over the phone. 

Reaching out to connections at a time that works better for their schedules can make all the difference in whether or not they can spend time further connecting. They may be more willing to take some time out of their day to have a conversation.

3) Prepare for Opportunities

The key advantage of this year-end networking is that employers often have new positions approved with the start of the new year. Perhaps the person you connected with will have a need and will remember the positive impression you made. Maybe the position is in another part of the organization, but your contact can forward your resume with a note of recommendation. Or there's a chance you'll even be given a heads-up about a position that will be opening soon.

Make this holiday season a memorable one when it comes to advancing your career! 

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