Happy International Women's Day!

Mar 08, 2019

Happy International Women's Day! A balanced world is a better world, and today we celebrate women's achievements and raise awareness against bias.

DID YOU KNOW?: Women account for as low as 3.9% of workers employed in direct onsite project construction. A common misconception is that physical strength is a requirement and therefore the trades are better suited for men, but that is a myth as a variety of skills such as hand-eye coordination, stamina and academic skills are needed.

Since none of these skills are defined by a person's gender, if you're a woman interested in the trades, there's nothing stopping you from empowering yourself to put on a hard hat and a pair of steel-toe boots and shatter the stereotypes around careers in the trades!

Our Women in Skilled Trades: Enhanced General Carpentry (WIST) program provides eligible women with the tools and training to launch a career in the Construction Industry.

Learn more about this program here and how you can apply to be part of our WIST program starting April 1.