Art Workshop for Newcomers

Dec 04, 2019

The Art Workshop for Newcomers on Friday at our Burlington site was a huge success! In partnership with Art Gallery of Burlington, this free workshop taught basic techniques for painting in watercolour. Clients were encouraged to share their settlement story through art form and connect with others in their new community.

On the last Friday of every month, Centre for Skills hosts a Social Friday at one of our Immigration Services locations. There has been a variety of activities offered, such as yoga, Conversation Circles and soon an upcoming 'Taste of Social Friday,' where newcomers will cook different types of finger food and explain their recipes to other newcomers in English.
"Using the English language while interacting with other people helps our clients put their language skills to the test in real situations where they are talking with others. It gets them out and social with others, while also practicing their new skills," says Alice Maroti, Settlement Information Specialist.

Connect with one of our Immigrant Services sites to learn about future Social Friday events: