Why You Should Continue Your Job Search in the Summer Months

Aug 06, 2019
Many people believe that the summer months are a time where they should put away their résumé and take out their sunscreen. With longer days and more 'Out of Office' alerts popping up, it can be tempting to take a break from your job search until the weather cools. But is that a good idea?

It is not. 

The perception that companies cut back on hiring during the summer months simply is not true. 
Here are four reasons why you should keep hunting while the sun is shining:

1) Hiring Does Not Slow Down in the Summer

Recruiters and hiring managers do not get the entire summer off, and companies do not stop their operations. There may be some roles that follow specific work time frames and therefore will have specific months where hiring is completed, but that does not mean you should stop job hunting altogether during this time. If others have the perception that this is a bad time for job searching, that means less competition for you!
2) You will Have an Easier Time Taking Time Off from Your Current Job

While it can be exciting to get a job interview, it can be a tricky task asking for time off from your current role in order to attend without causing suspicion. During the summer months, leaving in the middle of a weekday is not so out of the ordinary, and will make for a less stressful situation for you when heading out the door!

3) Hiring Managers Are Often Less Busy

Since summers are often slower paced, Hiring Managers are often less busy and upon their return, may have more time and attention they can give to filling any open positions - meaning your application stands a better chance of being reviewed more promptly.
4) Increase in Network Opportunities 

The more connected people are the more successful. Networking is about establishing and nurturing long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with the people you meet, and what better time than during the summer when work is slower paced, and people are looking for reasons to get out of the office.
This means your request to get together with a new acquaintance, someone you've volunteered with or an old colleague will feel more like a welcomed opportunity than an inconvenience. 

So rather than thinking these next few months are a time off from your job search, consider this a time to ramp it up, as it may just be the perfect time to land your dream career!