Persistence and Determination Led to a Better Job

Apr 09, 2019


Immediately after Barbara was laid off from her job, she drove straight to Centre for Skills Development for help.
Having previously gone to Centre for Skills Employment Centre to look for a job years ago, Barbara knew it would be the right place to go with the resources she needed to get her back to work.

"I do not have internet at my condominium, and I knew from previous experience Centre for Skills not only had the resources to use, but staff that could help me," says Barbara.

The next day, Barbara attended one of Centre for Skills workshops on how to use LinkedIn for job searching, in which Employment Advisor Nancy was teaching. Barbara asked her there if she could be her advisor. 

From there, Barbara and Nancy worked together on her resume and tips on how to customize her cover letter for each job she was applying to. 

"I appreciated her advice so much. I looked over all of her suggested edits and applied all of her changes," says Barbara. "I knew the type of job I wanted, so applied for specific jobs. Having Nancy help me customize my cover letter and resume to each job helped tremendously."
After persistence and determination, Barbara found a new job in six weeks!
"Looking back, being laid off ended up being a great thing, because I love my job now and am so happy to come to work every day," says Barbara. 

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