Congratulations to our WIST 2018 Scholarship Winners!

Sep 21, 2018

Congratulations to our Women In Skilled Trades: Enhanced General Carpentry 2018 Scholarship winners! 

Five scholarships were awarded to students who are preparing for a career in the Skilled Trades, and exhibit leadership attributes. Throughout their time at The Centre, they demonstrated exemplary effort both academically and technically, and will be using their award specifically towards the purchase of tools or apply it to their tool fee. 

We are so grateful to our partners Halton Industry Education Council (HIEC), Great Northern Insulation (GNI), Residential Construction Council of Ontario (RESCON) and Residential Framing Contractors Association (RFCA) for providing Scholarships for helping to enrich our programs, and lead these students on a career path for success. 

The Halton Industry Education Council (HIEC) Scholarship Winner: Mary Manikhouth

Prior to starting the WIST program, Mary was resigned to working hard at jobs that left her feeling uninspired and unchallenged, she told us that she felt like every day was the same and she could feel her brain wasting away - she needed a change. 

Being in the program has been very rewarding for Mary, and a career in the trades has given her hope for her future. Mary is looking forward to starting her career in the industry and pursuing a carpentry apprenticeship. Each day, Mary approaches the program with a positive attitude; she takes initiative and pride in her work and always takes care to complete jobs with attention to detail.  Her academic and practical efforts are reflected by her marks - an overall average of 91.5%. We have no doubt that Mary will be successful in the trades!


Great Northern Insulation (GNI) Scholarship Winner: Nicole Abraham

When Nicole started her career in IT years ago she never imagined how restless she would feel in her career sitting behind a desk and going from one meeting to another. To satisfy her desire for hands-on work, she sought out opportunities to build and create. Nicole displays a positive attitude, has good leadership skills, is very capable and driven.  She completes projects on time with attention to quality, demonstrates good problem-solving skills and excels academically with an average of 94.5%.  

While in training Nicole has always worked in a professional manner and often assisted her peers, we believe that she will be a great role model for other women in trades. 


Residential Construction Council of Ontario (RESCON) 1st Winner: Tiffany Morin

Tiffany is described by one of her previous employers as somebody who is "not afraid, or new to long days or hard work”, in the WIST program we have seen that same passion and work ethic - over the 22 weeks of training Tiffany has maintained an excellent attendance record and has never been late! 

Her instructors describe her as very capable, and an excellent problem solver pays close attention to completing tasks accurately. Tiffany grasps concepts quickly, excelled in theory and was able to effectively apply the knowledge she obtained to practical application.  We know Tiffany will do great things in the trades!


Residential Construction Council of Ontario (RESCON) 2nd Winner: Nico Varkevisser

Nico is a natural advocate for others, she spends time volunteering with the Sexual Assault Centre for Hamilton and Area and is described by her classmates as somebody who is a pleasure to learn and work with and is always willing to lend a hand.   

She is low key, works steadily and displays a quiet disposition, works well both independently and with others while producing high quality work. 


Residential Framing Contractors Association (RFCA) Scholarship Winner: Drusilla Morgan

After spending years being bored in Customer Service jobs and wanting to work in the construction industry Dru decided to take a leap and start applying for jobs in the sector with no experience. Her enthusiasm helped her land her first job in the the industry but she quickly decided that she wanted to get more skills and experience so that she could move forward in her career. 

In the WIST program, Dru consistently approaches tasks with enthusiasm; she is eager to learn and when given to the opportunity to volunteer outside of class time to build a tiny home for the Rotary Club she was all in. She was recently describes by one of her classmates as "an inspiration in her fearlessness in taking on new challenges". 

Dru is looking forward to working in the residential construction sector building better communities. 


Congratulations to all of our Scholarship Recipient winners, we wish you every success in this next chapter of your trades careers!