Tiny Home RV Program - Billet Marketing

Jul 12, 2018

The Centre is honoured to have the generous support of Billet Marketing as one of our sponsors for our Skilled Trades Tiny Home RV Program!

Founded in 2012, Billet Marketing Inc. is a full-service micro advertising agency based in Burlington, that offers strategic consulting, video production, photography, graphic design, and website development services to clients all over Ontario. Billet Marketing also offers a unique subscription-based marketing program that allows clients to take advantage of the full suite of Billet Marketing's services for a fraction of the cost of retaining a traditional ad agency or maintaining similar capabilities in-house.


For more information about our sponsor Billet Marketing, visit: http://www.billetmarketing.com/

For more information about our Tiny Home RV Program visit: http://thecentre.on.ca/Skilled-Trades/Tiny-Home-RV