Ontario Adult Apprenticeship Program

Evaluating the Effectiveness of a Shared Apprenticeship Model for Adults.

Ontario Adult Apprenticeship Program

The Ontario Adult Apprenticeship Program (OAAP) is a shared apprenticeship model, currently focusing on the Industrial Sector, administered by the Centre for Skills Development.
Through OAAP Centre for Skills:

  • Provides wraparound support to apprentices as they make their way through the stages of their apprenticeship
  • Helps to mitigate some of the administrative burden of navigating the apprenticeship system for both the apprentices and consortia employers
  • Builds a network of employers committed to providing high quality apprenticeship training
  • Acts as a group sponsor for eligible apprentices

We strongly encourage all interested applicants to apply, as the Centre for Skills Development strives to create a diverse environment in which provides equal opportunity that prohibits any form of discrimination. 
For more information about the Ontario Adult Apprenticeship Program or to get involved please contact Mike Harwood: mike.harwood@centreforskills.ca or 905.333.3499 x 107 




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