Ontario Adult Apprenticeship Program | Apprentices

How can OAAP help?

  • Program staff will help you better navigate and understand the apprenticeship system in Ontario and create a streamlined process and roadmap for adults interested in apprenticeship in the industrial sector with a focus on the Millwrighting, Machining, Industrial Electrical, and Tool and Die trades.
  • OAAP Employer Liaisons will provide coaching to help you successfully launch a carer in the skilled trades and be successful in the workplace
  • Participation in a shared apprenticeship model 
  • Provide hands-on experience and exporsure to all aspects of the participant's trade of choice through rotation with a consortium of employers, to enhance their learning
  • Supportive staff will work with you to help you with any challenges that are making it difficult for you to be successful in an apprenticeship
  • Support to connect to other resources and help you build a stronger and more skilled workforce

Resources for Apprentices


For more information about OAAP or to get involved please contact trades@centreforskills.ca